RSA Maclaine-Watters Medal

Designer: Paton, Joseph Noel, Sir, RSA · 1821-1901Medallist: Aitchison, James · 1839-1921

RSA Council Minutes and RSA Annual Reports still to be checked and transcribed

"The Graphic" (1879-04-05) carried a line engraving of the obverse face of the medal accompanied by the following text; “THE MACLAINE WATTERS MEDAL OF THE ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY This medal was presented to the Royal Scottish Academy in September last by the late Captain J. Maclaine Watters for annual competition amongst the students of painting (landscape and figure alike) in the Life School of that institution, the award to be made to the student whose work throughout the whole season should be considered by the Council to be most worthy of recognition, irrespective of whether he or she may have taken money prizes or not, the donor making a special suggestion that, in the formation of their judgment as to the respective merits of the pupils, colour should receive most consideration. The medal, which is of bronze, and is considered to be the best specimen of the medallist's art yet produced in Scotland, was executed by Mr. James Aitchison, of Princes Street, Edinburgh, from the design" of Sir Noel Paton. The obverse (shown in our engraving) bears a figure representing the Good Genius of the Arts, with the legend Sic Itur ad Astra (Such is the way to immortality) whilst on the reverse is a laurel wreath, and the words, "The Maclaine Watters Medal: Royal Scottish Academy," a space being left in the centre for the insertion of the name of the recipient, and the date of its award.”

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    Materials Support bronze
    Dimensions 8cm x 0.8cm
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