Parsonage Down II

Sculptor: Rand, Keith John, RSA · 1956-2013

Parsonage Down I and Parsonage Down II were made in response to an area of ancient landscape near Shrewton called Parsonage Down, cared for by English Nature as a site of special scientific interest.

This work is formed of 2 jointed pieces held together additionally by a set of small boxwood dowels. Though made in Wiltshire, the piece is part of Keith’s fascination with “Uplands” which dates back to his time at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire. In the Mompesson House display catalogue it states; “Parsonage Down II was placed high upon the cabinet adding to the drama – resonant of ancient pastures grazed by White Longhorn cattle; long shadowed early summer mornings and skylarks singing above Stonehenge.”