Accademia di San Luca (Academy of St Luke), Rome, Prize Medal for Drawing of David Allan

Medallist: Pergher, BernhardCase-makers: Taylor & Son, John

The present medalwas awarded to David Allan as First Prize fro drawing in the Accademia di San Luca in Rome, which he attended as a student between 1764 and 1777, in 1773.

the small display case is of simple cushioned profile oak, with plate glass, a black velvet-lined tray with four recesses to take the present medal, also a wax cast of its reverse face, and also RSA 2017.131.2, and a wax cast of its reverse face. The case was probably commissioned by the Royal Scottish Academy from Taylors shortly after the medals were gifted to its collections on 1874-11-01 [it has not shown up in Taylor & Son's vouchers for 1874-1880]

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