Clues in Khan al-Khalili

Artist: Martin (ii), David · b. 1975

The artist spent 5 months in the Middle East and Eastern Europe on a 2006 RSA Alastair Salvesen Art Scholarship.He has written of this experience; "In 2006 I was awarded the Alasdair Salvesen Travel Scholarship in association with the Royal Scottish Academy, having proposed a journey through the Middle East and Eastern Europe. My adventure began in Cairo, Egypt, and I traveled on public transport through the Sinai, into Jordan, across Syria and Turkey, eventually crossing into Eastern Europe where I spent time in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, before ending my trip in Budapest, Hungary. My plan had been to document the everyday in places that I felt were on the brink of change, and try and capture some of that dynamic in my paintings. The body of work was exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy in Spring 2007 to critical acclaim, receiving 5 star reviews.. By that point I had not managed to develop any work from the Eastern Europe part of my trip, so that became a part of my subsequent exhibition, ‘Notes On A Journey’ in 2008 in Glasgow." (sourced 2015-05-05, vide;