Abstracted tree branch, looped and corkscrewing to earth

Artist: Rand, Keith John, RSA · 1956-2013

A drawing of a forest clearing of ghostly, misty suggestions of trees at left and centre, and with a prominent tree trunk at right from which a slightly bent branch extends from its left side, curls into an almost complete circle then corkscrews down into the earth.

This may be a natural phenomenon observed by Rand but is more likely an idea for a sculpture whereby he would attach the loop and corkscrew elements to an extant tree trunk and branch.

Additional details

  • Object data

    Date1945 - 1999
    TypeDrawing Mixed media
    MaterialsSupport paper
    Medium Pencil
    Medium Charcoal
    Medium Wash
    Dimensions 41.9cm x 58.6cm
    AcquisitionGift, Keith Rand Studio (August 26th, 2015)
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