A Church in Edinburgh (Colinton)

Artist: Crozier, William ARSA · 1897-1930

The wooden panel is painted on both sides with paintings which appear to be finished and complete in themselves.

On the recto face, the church depicted is Colinton Parish Church on the southern outskirts of Edinburgh. The viewpoint is taken from the slope of Spylaw bank Road looking East.

The distant hills cannot be seen in reality from this viewpoint.

The church is unusual in its architecture having a very traditional Scottish core but with a highly Italianate tower that is not familiarly seen on a Church of Scotland building. The tower is largely hidden in the present work.

Crozier's younger contemporary William Wilson RSA made at least three etchings in the vicinity of Colinton Church in the early 1930s shortly after Crozier's death.

On the verso face is an unidentified landscape of a cornfield with three hayricks beside a farm steading in a hilly landscape.

The handling of the field is reminiscent of the brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh. The location is not identified but the red roofs of the outbuildings may suggest somewhere in the Scottish borders.

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