Adesina, Ibraheem Adeyemi [Ade], RSA

b. 1980

The first African-born Member of the Academy, Adesina was a student at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen (2008-12), and the recipient of an RSA John Kinross Travel Scholarship in 2012. He became the first RSA New Contemporary to be elected to full Membership of the Academy in 2017. Adesina made his name as a relief printmaker using a range of pioneering techniques and often working with the block mounted vertically, and on an impressively large scale. In 2023 he was named as the recipeint of the Prix de Gravure Mario Avati by the Académie des Beaux-arts, Paris. The prize is biennial and has a value of 40,000 US dollars.

An image from the RSA collection.