Allan-Fraser of Hospitalfield, Patrick, HRSA

1812 – 1890

In the English Chapel at Perth on 1843-09-13 he married Elizabeth Fraser, only daughter of John Fraser of Hospitalfield and of Hawkesbury Hall, Warwickshire and his wife Elizabeth Fraser, and widow of Captain Arthur Baker of the 3rd Light Dragoons. Elizabeth's mother died at Hospitalfield on 1851-03-02 and the London Gazette of 1851-03-28 carried the announcement that HM Queen Victoria had granted Patrick Allan and his wife Elizabeth the right to take the surname Fraser, in addition to and after, Allan and also to bear the arms of Fraser. Patrick from this date appears in local newspaper accounts as both Patrick Allan Fraser and as Patrick Allan-Fraser, up to and including news of his death and funeral. We have adopted the hyphenated version simply because it is by this form that his Trust at Hospitalfield, created by his Will, is known. His executors included the sculptors Alexander Calder Marshall RSA and John Hutchison RSA. Hutchison had been engaged on the refurbishment of Hospitalfield as an apprentice woodcarver and exhibited several pieces executed by him in that connection at he inaugural exhibition of the Art-Manufacture Association held in the joint RSA-NGS building in 1856.

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