Arnott, John [Ian] Emslie, RSA

1929 – 2022

Architect of Edinburgh's Saltire Court, and during his early career he was involved in the Hutchesontown-Gorbals redevelopment in Glasgow's south side, and Haddington Town Centre renewal. He founded Campbell & Arnott with William Campbell in 1962 and was the recipient of numeorus awards, including the Royal Scottish Academy's Gold Medal for Architecture. In 2013 he published a book titled 'The Hidden Theatres of the Marche.' This is a fascinating study into Italian provincial theatres which he had been able to visit and research on an RSA William Gillies Members Bursary. Arnott was elected ARSA in 1987 and full RSA in 2004. He was also a past Chair of the Saltire Society.

An image from the RSA collection.